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HI! im new

wow ok im new lol and my name is tiffany! lol im 16 years old.

The frst tiem i saw the labyrinth i think i was in 3rd grade. When i saw it i was like o my GOSH WHAT AM I WACTHING! lol at first i was scared but then i fell in love. And then.........

while i was watching i heard slow music and then saw a beautiful ballroom with pearls hanging from the ceiling. then i saw her in her beautiful gown and how hott jereth looked! i wanted to be sara so badly lol. WHO DOESNT! i was hooked lol

i swear i must have seen this movie over 30 times. Along with half of the people here im sure lol.

it is one of the best movies of all time :)

My fav scene of course is the ballroom scene i could watch it over and over again.

my fav character is LUDO! hes soo cute o! and sir didymous and ambrosious (sorry if i spelt the names wrong)

theyre so cute :)

well i gotta go glad to be here!

o yea and im looking for pictures from the ballroom scene if u have any good ones let me kno and if u kno of any sites with good ones i would greatly appreciate it :)

well BYE! lol ;)

ME! HI! lol

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aww thats so adorable..
and dude is that a blondie shirt? monroe? or stefani.. hehe i cant tell... welcome!