Marleigh (nograce) wrote in snuffaluff,

...what's said is said...

FINALLY! a laby community! i've been looking and looking and now i've found you! Muahahahaha!!...ahem. I've been watching Laby since i was...born. actually i was born the year it came out, and it's been my favorite movie my entire life. i own it on dvd, vhs, and i HAD the soundtrack...stupid brother broke it though... T_T. David bowie is a god...or was a god...or is a god as Jareth....aHG! i dont know anymore..but like ludo says...."ludo....friend..." name isn't Ludo it's Nograce. lol. but yeah, anybody who wants to chat or RP Laby style, or just randomly friend me is welcome to do so.
Laby rocks me!
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